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Reed beds, Lake Neuchâtel

I’ve been in Switzerland long enough that whilst I appreciate how wonderfully beautiful the landscape is here, it takes an exceptional scene to make me stop and stare. Our first visit to the reedbeds at Lake Neuchâtel yesterday evening, with acres of gently waving, backlit reed-heads, bowled me over.

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Ponte Tresa, Italy

The border between the south of Switzerland and the north of Italy intersects Lake Lugano at several points. Here, just along the road from the small but busy border crossing at Ponte Tresa, the view north from the Italian shore is entirely of Switzerland.

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Twin Towers

On first arriving in the bleak and industrial area alongside the Thames, east of London, the potential for landscape photography seemed small, but on seeing the massive bridge at night, I knew that it would be the centrepiece of any photographs. I shot this as a tungsten-lit image and fiddled with it in Photoshop, then […]

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