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RAW-format panoramic images at Permanent Tourist

Part of the joy of photography for me is the ability to travel in time. Not like Marty and the Doc in my favourite ever films, which celebrated a big milestone a few days ago, but in the ability to look at a scene in large levels of detail as it was many years ago. […]

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Brienz Quay – print auction for Haiti

*Auction complete* When I first posted this photo in 2006 of mist on the lake at Brienz, I had no idea that it would become so popular. From the 3,580 photos I’ve posted over the past few years, this one has been the most popular. So, I thought it an appropriate candidate to add to […]

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Lessons in lighting

A photograph from a session in Zurich, and the lessons in lighting and technique which make it one of the more successful session shots of the past few months.

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Now you know why outside broadcasts always look as if it’s sunny…

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Ships No More

The quay at Einigen, which appears to be no longer regularly served by ships on the lake near Thun.

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