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  • Jesus is…

    A current poster campaign by the Swiss Christian Action Committee is hanging across the country. Much of the poster is left empty, with the intention that it should be graffitied, in answer to the prompt “Jesus is…”. The accompanying website offers people the same opportunity to give their opinion on what they see Jesus to be. […]

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  • Black and white Lightroom presets by MikeyG

    An example of an image processed using a simple preset available through the Lightroom Presets website.

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  • Pfister faking it

    This poster is from a campaign for Swiss interior design company Pfister, the tag line of which states that the inner city of Bern is being re-vamped. What the poster specifically refers to isn’t 100% clear (at least, there appears to be no reference to the campaign online), it might be a clever (or unwitting) […]

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