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  • WordPress expert Mark Howells-Mead

    How to work around PHP’s deprecation of dynamic class properties without refactoring your whole codebase.

  • WordPress expert Mark Howells-Mead

    Using register_block_pattern in WordPress can be a pain, as you need to manipulate the HTML in your code. Here’s a much less tiresome solution.

  • WordPress expert Mark Howells-Mead

    Explaining how to use WordPress hooks, and how to fine-tune them to improve legibility and code efficiency.

  • The user experience nicety of a legible date string.

  • I provide a free public Github repository containing example code for starting work on a WordPress plugin, which uses PHP namespaces.

  • There are many copy-and-paste examples of how to write your own functions and apply them through WordPress’ hooks and actions. But with a little simple knowledge of PHP’s namespace syntax, developers who regularly work on WordPress projects can make their lives a lot easier, whilst making their code much more robust, portable and secure. The first thing to…

  • While my main hobby in my private life is photography, I earn my living through programming websites. Since moving to !frappant back in April last year – has it really been a year already?! – I’ve been striving to learn as many new techniques as possible. It’s been a particular goal to get out of…

  • It’s rare that I post anything heavily internet-related or even extremely code-geeky, so please skip this entry if it’s of no interest! I was asked today if I knew how to get the captions of Post attachments in WordPress and so I knocked up the following two functions; one which returns an array of all…

  • coll8, named as an abbreviation of the English word “collate”, allows users of the WordPress publishing software to provide website visitors with a page which collates all of their social media streams into one place: from Twitter and Flickr to Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube and Google Reader.