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Free photo show in Bern

After the success of my last talk at the English Speaking Club in Bern, at which I showed a couple of dozen of my people and street photographs, I am pleased to have been invited back for a second free evening by president Corinne Oegerli. This time, instead of people photographs, I intend to show a selection of photographs on another theme which is close to my heart.

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Free slideshow and photo talk in Bern

I will be speaking and showing a collection of photographs at the English Speaking Club in Bern on Thursday 12th March, from 9 p.m.

Calendar 2009

I’ve spent time finishing off and uploading the last few shots of my Permanent Tourist calendar for 2009. The calendar, which I am publishing through the Lulu website, costs £28 plus postage and is printed at 34.29 cm x 48.25 cm, with coil binding, white interior paper (100gsm weight) and full-colour interior ink. It contains… (Read More)

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