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A close-up detail of this wind pump at Thurne Dyke in Norfolk. Looks crooked, I know, but it’s an optical illusion due to the angled window and cone-shaped structure.

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A Light In The Darkness

We drove around back streets before asking a local for directions to the cliff-top lighthouse above Cromer, on the north coast of Norfolk. Against advice, we bumped up a narrow track to a small clearing, gained grudging permission from the lighthouse keepers to park the car, and set out in the rain and drizzle to […]

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Wind Farm

A row of thirty giant wind turbines lines the coast of Norfolk in England, three kilometres out to sea. Friends and family will do well to view this one at full size.

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Thurne Dyke

Leaving the car parked in mud, we walked a little way along the side of a narrow dyke to a main water way in the Norfolk Broads. As I was scouting the best place from which to shoot this, the Thurne Dyke wind pump, we found a large rabbit stumbling along, almost overcome by myxomatosis. […]

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Repps with Bastwick St. Peter

Repps with Bastwick is the unusual name of a small village near Great Yarmouth, in the English county of Norfolk. Village churches are normally unlocked during the day and on stepping inside, the lingering smell of incense always makes one feel as though the congregation has only just departed. Small leaflets and notices pinned to […]

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The Warmth of a Winter’s Evening

Thirty seconds in the freezing cold of a Norfolk winter evening, whilst family warmed themselves in front of the fire with teas and coffees. I’ve used Neat Image on this one to reduce the noise caused by ISO 400, which I needed after forgetting my remote control at home in Switzerland (which enables longer timed […]

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Playing Trivial Pursuit with self-invented questions. Where were James Bond’s parents from?

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I have decided to re-join the flickr community as a Pro member. I’ve been away for just a couple of weeks and have missed the flexibility and community feeling which makes it so good to be a member here. I have a love-hate relationship with my own website and at the moment, I want to […]

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Thompson, Norfolk

A quick drink and bag of crisps in a low-ceilinged, wooden beamed, thatched pub in the Norfolk countryside with my aunt and her beau.

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