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The Niesen is a mountain, located in the Bernese Oberland region of the Swiss Alps, overlooking the lake of Thun. It is often called “The Swiss Pyramid”.

Seenachtsfest Spiez

Fireworks from a lofty viewpoint amongst the vines in Spiez. For a new blog post at Permanent Tourist: (This photo is a combination of photographs, stitched together to form a panoramic image.)

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Niesen, Switzerland, 2005

Prepared for this blog post about desktop wallpaper and available for my contacts to download as a higher resolution (1900 x 1200px) image.

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Niesen, Bernese Oberland, Switzerland

The Niesen is a mountain, located in the Bernese Oberland region of the Swiss Alps, overlooking the lake of Thun and is often called the Swiss Pyramid. The summit of the mountain (2362 meters) can be reached easily with a funicular from Mülenen (near Reichenbach). The construction of the Niesenbahn funicular was completed in 1910. […]

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1st August, Niesen, Switzerland

Fireworks atop the Niesen to celebrate the Swiss national holiday. (The shades of dark grey in this are quite subtle, so you may have to adjust your monitor to see the outline of the mountain.)

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Storm Approaching

This is a rapidly conceived and executed shot, as a big storm headed in from the Simmen valley from western Switzerland. I saw the distant clouds being illuminated by lightning (which accounts for the varied colouring in the clouds) so I grabbed a tripod and framed my shot from our living room window, setting exposure […]

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Sunset, Spiez, Switzerland

I am inspired once more to pull my finger out and start putting photographic books together. One of them will be a series of shots of the Niesen, which I see as this view every day from our sitting room window.

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Spring is here

It’s been a long time coming, but Spring is here. Beautiful weather this past weekend, so it’ll soon be time once more to travel to Thun by ship for shopping trip, and time to dust off the camera to capture summer sunshine.

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Neuhaus, Interlaken, Switzerland

I know that a certain person in the far north will be jealous when he sees the weather Jo and I enjoyed on a walk to the lake at Interlaken yesterday afternoon, but he should know that the words "bloody baltic" were used several times along the way and Jo was hiding from an icy […]

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