Posts about multilingualism

  • WordPress expert Mark Howells-Mead

    Easier alternative string translation using Advanced Custom Fields

    There are several translation plugins in the WordPress ecosystem, each of which has its strengths and weaknesses when it comes to translating and managing multilingual content. There is also the brilliant plugin Loco Translate, which I’ve been using for a very long time to translate English strings in plugins and themes. (Usually German, French and […]

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  • Bloggen in einer fremden Sprache

    Ich schreibe seit den späteren Neunzigern Blogposts und lerne seit 2001 Deutsch. Nach drei, vier Jahren hierzulande, am Anfang fast nur von Schweizern umgeben, hatte ich die neue Sprache einigermassen in Griff. Viele Stunden im Büro, viele Stunden vor Stefan Raab im deutschsprachigen Fernsehen, haben mich weiter gebracht. (Von Raab habe ich gelernt, dass es in der Tat eine […]

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  • Blogging in an imperfectly multilingual world

    I was at WordCamp Switzerland 2014 last weekend; a WordPress conference aimed at both content creators and developers. One of the many interesting talks on the day was by Stephanie Booth on the subject of blogging in a multilingual world. The premise of many (even most) websites is that there should be a clear separation of content: […]

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