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Mürren is a small mountain village, perched on the edge of a ridge on the south-western end of the deep Lauterbrunnen Valley in Switzerland.

  • A pleasant walk down from Allmendhubel through Blumental valley, into the shade cast by the mountain ridge, then back into the sun to slither our way down the ice-covered path to Mürren.

  • Part of the Grand Bisse d'Ayent irrigation system

    Random things in July

    Lots of work stopped me from going out so much, but we did get in a great trip to canton Wallis.

  • The gradual arrival of autumn; clouds clinging to the mountains, fresher air and a wider variety of colours in the landscape. My favourite time of the year is coming.

  • Cable car passing the woods, Mürren

    Mainly speaking, the month of February is a cold one, when my thoughts start turning to days out and summer temperatures. That being said, I still managed to get out on some trips, with the main goal of getting some exercise.

  • My only cable-car trip into the high Alps this past winter season was in February. Webcam confirmation of a fabulous cloud inversion encouraged me to get into the mountains after a long abstinence. I expected the visit to be be a nerve-wracking experience thanks to so many people wearing their coronavirus face-masks around their chins,…

  • Birg to Mürren through the clouds

    I’m looking forward to the new cable-cars next year. I hope that they’ll have dirt-repellent, scratch-resistant windows. (Sequence filmed in February 2021.)

  • Mürren to Gimmelwald

    Time-lapse video of the cable-car ride from Mürren to Gimmelwald in Swiss canton Bern.

  • Birg to Mürren

    Birg to Mürren

    Time-lapse video of the cable-car ride from Birg to Mürren in Swiss canton Bern.

  • Schilthorn to Birg

    Time-lapse video of the cable-car ride from Schilthorn to Birg in Swiss canton Bern.

  • Blofeld’s Lair from the air

    Filming and photographing at the mountain-top restaurant made famous by James Bond.

  • Birg, Switzerland

    Beginning a hike from Birg station to the Schilthorn revolving restaurant, before changing my plans and walking down the very steep path to Allmendhubel and Mürren.

  • Birg to Schilthorn

    Birg to Schilthorn

    Time-lapse video of the cable-car ride from Birg to Schilthorn in Swiss canton Bern.

  • Mürren to Birg

    Mürren to Birg

    Time-lapse video of the cable-car ride from Mürren to Birg in Swiss canton Bern.

  • New sales film from the Schilthorn

    The Schilthorn Cableway has released a new short advertising film today, and as usual, it makes me want to head for Mürren straight away.

  • The Schilthorn – topped by the Piz Gloria restaurant – is one of my favourite destinations in the Swiss Jungfrau Region. Whenever I see photos or film sequences, I can’t help becoming a little awe-struck. I still have to pinch myself from time to time, to be sure that the fact that I live within a half-hour…

  • Schilttal, Switzerland

    A hair-raising sledge run – our first of this season – in the awe-inspiring Schilttal valley above Mürren.

  • Dreaming of flight

    Dreaming of flight

    …and where better to realise a childhood dream than in the Swiss Bernese Oberland? U.K. band Rudimental chose to film a large amount of the video for their recent release “Free” (featuring Emili Sandé) in the Alps of the Jungfrau Region and not only is the song lovely, but the accompanying video sequences are sublime.

  • The Blue Hour

    The time between sunset and complete darkness is known in photographic circles as “the blue hour”.

  • Mürren panoramas

    A small selection of panoramic images from Mürren in the Bernese Oberland of Switzerland.

  • Inspired by Adams

    A small set of black and white landscape photographs, shot on an overcast day in the Lauterbrunnen Valley.