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  • Sahara dust in the air at Fanel

    Saharan dust in the air

    Almost every year, prevailing winds bring fine dust and sand from the Sahara desert to southern Europe.

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  • Krattigen, Switzerland

    Softly, softly

    Wide vistas with blue skies and imposing mountains may be good camera fodder, but they can also become a bit monotonous.

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  • Through the mists of time

    The older I get, the more I come to recognize the way in which my photographs aid my memory. This is borne out by the way in which I can scroll back through my Lightroom catalogue of digital photos – currently topping 61,000 entries on two external hard drives, with more to be added from […]

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  • Thunersee below zero

    When the temperature of the air is markedly lower than the temperature of the water in the lake, mist rises from the surface and creates a truly eerie effect. Such was the case today, when continued winter conditions in Switzerland dropped the air temperature to -16°C. You can see more of my Thunersee photos here […]

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  • That chill in the air

    The autumn fairs may be some time away yet, but the first day of September here in the Swiss Alps has arrived with the kind of chilled air which tells me that there is snow on the mountains.

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  • Spring on the way

    Mist rising from the lake during the early morning in Brienz, Switzerland. Photograph taken in 2005.

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  • Brienz Quay – print auction for Haiti

    I am auctioning off a single print of one of my photographs to the highest bidder to support the earthquake victims in Haiti.

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