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Jungfrau Zeitung secures its newspaper business

The newest version of the newspaper, to which I still subscribe online despite no longer working or living in the catchment area, produced by a small handful of people and covering purely local news instead of falling to the temptation of reporting news from more distant regions, is at least a match for – if not better than – most national newspapers.

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Lenticular Cloud, Brienz, Switzerland

A foehn wind or föhn wind occurs when a deep layer of prevailing wind is forced over a mountain range (Orographic lifting). As the wind moves upslope, it expands and cools, causing water vapor to precipitate out. This dehydrated air then passes over the crest and begins to move downslope. As the wind descends to […]

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Hasliberg, Switzerland

One of twelve landscape views from the alpine region of central Switzerland, available to buy online as a premium 2008 calendar from Printed: 13 pages, 13.5" x 19", coil binding, white interior paper (100# weight), full-color interior ink.

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