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Untertorbrücke, Bern

The Untertorbrücke is one of the oldest bridges in Bern, crossing the river Aare. The first bridge was built of wood on this site and opened in 1256, and was replaced in 1489 by a more substantial, fortified stone version. It was Bern’s only bridge until 1834 and has stood in its current form since the […]

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CHOO CHOO, Bern Strobist day

Strobist information: individual flash units on 1/2 power, zoomed to provide spotlight effects on the band members and held by fellow photographers out of shot. Ambient light underexposed 2 stops and heavy Photoshop work to clean up the scene. Although this scene did actually occur – several times – this is a mix of two […]

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Marzili funicular, Bern, Switzerland

I’ve been wandering the streets of Bern at lunchtime all week, taking photos of buildings, views and scenes: most of which have been series of individual pictures to bring home and stitch together on the computer. This is one of my more successful results, which is a stitch of 12 pictures to show the panoramic […]

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Strobism in the old city of Bern

I’ll be photographing a band in Bern at the end of next week with a couple of friends and so Jo and I headed to Bern last weekend to scout out some locations. We headed for the lower, older part of the city below Kornhausplatz and wandered down through Rathausgasse, stopping off at St. Peter […]

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