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Fifteen years on

Today marks the fifteenth anniversary of my first arrival in Scotland to meet the love of my life.

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Six (and nine) years on

If it weren’t for the fact that I have a lovely, daily reminder, it would be difficult to believe that it’s been nine years since I first met Jo in person. We’d started exchanging e-mails ten months earlier and I visited her and her parents in Scotland in October 2004, since when we’ve been together. […]

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Two years on

Jo and I pledged that we’ll go on holiday to somewhere new at the start of October every year, to mark our wedding anniversary. This year, we went to Flims in Graubünden. The complete set of images from our trip to Graubünden this week is available in high resolution at Permanent Tourist.

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At Sicara di Fuoco

Many of those seeing this photo won’t be much impressed by our walk from the harbour on Stromboli to the Sciara di Fuoco, but I’ll tell you this: it wasn’t a stroll. After walking for a couple of hours over comparatively easy paths, the last stretch was the hardest. If you can imagine walking for […]

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On Our Honeymoon, Freshwater West, Wales

Jo and I are off to Scotland for Christmas and New Year. What with everything we have to do before we go, this’ll probably be the last update before we’re on our way this Monday, from when I’ll be posting from the road again. Time to get out the warm, waterproof boots, rainproof jacket and […]

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