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Lili Choo

Photographed during an evening video shoot at the river in Bern.

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One of my favourite pictures of the year, which was shot at the end of a studio session a couple of weeks ago.

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Choo Choo in the Studio

A series of darker photos in the studio with friends from Choo Choo last weekend were inspired in no small part by the portrait work of Swiss photographer Marco Grob.

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Lili and Yan from CHOO CHOO, Bern Strobist day

Strobist info: 1 zoomed SB26 on 1/2 power, high subject left, 1/2 CTO. Would you like to collaborate with me on a shoot like this? Or even get free, unique portraits taken of yourself? Then check out my blog post on Permanent Tourist.

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CHOO CHOO, Bern Strobist day

Strobist information: individual flash units on 1/2 power, zoomed to provide spotlight effects on the band members and held by fellow photographers out of shot. Ambient light underexposed 2 stops and heavy Photoshop work to clean up the scene. Although this scene did actually occur – several times – this is a mix of two […]

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