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Posts about Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a photo-processing and image-organizing piece of computer software developed by Adobe Systems for Windows and Mac OS X. It allows the viewing, organization and cataloguing of a large number of digital images, and its editing capability is non-destructive. Aside from its great functionality, I also recommend it because it’s considerably less expensive to buy than the full version of Adobe Photoshop.

  • Frozen snow drift at Männlichen

    By applying the right colour profile to your photo, you can get a much more nuanced version than through simple editing.

  • Custom presets in Adobe Lightroom for mobile

    Adobe has, at last, added the possibility to add custom presets in the mobile version of Lightroom.

  • How not to edit photos in Lightroom

    Great, simple tips for getting better results from Adobe Lightroom.

  • Adobe integrates panoramic stitching in Lightroom CC

    Cooing over the lovely new panorama stitching function in Adobe Lightroom 6.

  • Where my love for the square image format comes from, and how it is achieved in the Fujifilm X-T1 digital camera.

  • Using an excessive amount of noise reduction in Lightroom produces a lovely, subtle, painterly effect.

  • When digital photography went mainstream, it was the death knell to Kodachrome, even devout Kodachrome enthusiasts migrated from the venerable film to their DSLRs, providing the photographer a level of control that would have been unimaginable with good old Kodachrome. Kodachrome was a victim of advancement, and as the years pass I expect to see…

  • Adobe Lightroom is a boon to the photographer. With the introduction of intelligent repair tools, it has now entirely replaced Photoshop for me, and I can not only tweak photos but also re-edit them to quite a level of detail. One of the great features of Lightroom is the ability to save a group of…

  • There’s a lot of criticism in the world of photography. Not just the personal opinion of someone who likes or dislikes your photo, but also more general criticism on the subject of such things as originality and inspiration, equipment, or what makes a “photograph” as opposed to an creative image. The biggest argument used to…

  • You may recall that I wrote about HDR technique some time ago, and a technique I employed at a wedding last weekend reminded me to write about the alternative: Tone Mapping and Zone System exposure.

  • An example of an image processed using a simple preset available through the Lightroom Presets website.

  • After seeing a few shots around the internet in a certain darkened, de-saturated style, I asked around to see if anyone was familiar with the post-processing technique which is used to create it.

  • Bleached

    This is one of those shots which just seems to work, despite the fact that it came about purely by accident. Well, mabye not by accident, but not in a planned way. It was taken in the bathroom of a conference centre near Zurich at the end of October, when I was shooting the conference…