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Brentjong satellite earth station

High on the mountainside, near Leuk in the Rhône valley between Brig and Sion, stands the Brentjong satellite earth station. It has been an intercontinental communications hub, via a range of satellites under its control above the Atlantic and Indian oceans, since 1974.

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High Bridge, Leuk

The inevitably named High Bridge near Leuk in the upper reaches of canton Wallis in Switzerland; so named because of the depth of the gorge beneath it.

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Guttet-Feschel, Wallis, Switzerland

The ubiquity of tourist information in Switzerland and the wide-ranging coverage of the internet means that it’s usually pretty easy to find out about places. However, as was the case for the Brentjong satellite station, details of this massive tower – a television and communications broadcast antenna – are, as yet, unlisted anywhere that I […]

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