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Multilingual brain overheating

Swiss German uses a lot of French words, so a delivery driver is called a “Chauffeur”. This word used to mean “heater” too. There’s a sign on the door to the delivery bay of the local supermarket saying “Chauffeur – bitte Ware in den Kühlraum mitnehmen”. Which actually means “Driver – please take your goods […]

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Dark clouds over Thun’s Panorama shopping centre

Black over Will’s Mother’s

One of the phrases which comes down from generation to generation in Britain, which is used when seeing dark, stormy clouds in the distance. Quick online research shows that the phrase dates back to the 19th century at least, but there appears to be no clear indication of its initial origin.

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Serving a multilingual website audience

The latest article at A List Apart is a must-read for anyone serious about developing and running a website which should attract visitors who speak languages other than English.

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