Posts about “Keep It Simple” portrait day 2013

The “Keep It Simple” portrait workshop was an event in August 2013, where photographers had the chance to practice taking portraits with as little fuss and as little equipment as possible.

“Keep it simple” meetup date selected

Thanks to all of those who have completed the Doodle poll mentioned in a previous post, the date for our next meetup has been chosen as Sunday, 25th August at the Blatterwiese park in Zurich. Members of Facebook can sign up for the event and discuss it on my Facebook page; alternatively, please feel free to leave […]

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Leila Licks, MFO park photo workshop

“Keep It Simple” portrait meetup

It’s been a while since my last photo workshop and so it’s definitely time for another! I’ve spent a lot of time over the past year getting used to a simpler workflow and getting used to my Fuji X100 and since doing so, I’ve constantly been reminded how easier and how much more fun it […]

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