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Unterbergli, Switzerland

At Unterbergli, on the way to the Sigriswiler Rothorn, there is a large meadow on the privately owned alp. Access is on foot only, and entails a 450m metre ascent of a pretty steep path through the forest. Once there, you reach a haven from the world: whilst I was there, I saw mountain hare, […]

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Daily view

We moved into our new home in Faulensee last Friday. Thanks to some grotty weather, this morning has been the first time when a photo can truly do justice to the view from our balcony; to the left, the village of Faulensee; straight ahead, the view across the Thunersee to Merligen and the Justistal valley; […]

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Niederhorn by Night

Photographed a couple of weeks ago from the Justistal valley, on the far side of the lake from home, by moonlight. This looks like a small outcrop, but is, in fact, about 800m (half a mile) high.

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