Posts about jquery

  • Implementing a CSS- and SVG-based responsive imagemap for a client in Toronto.

  • A short post to help anyone who is looking to implement a responsive HTML imagemap, which also features an interactive highlighting function.

  • A colleague from the WordPress Bern meetups asked for advice on how to track clicks on certain page elements on his website. Having looked into this for a few different purposes over the past year, it was quick and easy to knock up a simple jQuery plugin for the purpose, which speaks to Google Analytics. The principle…

  • If you’re reading this on the website (and not in an RSS reader or the like) then you’re seeing the new version of the website. Similar to the old one in general terms, but re-built (again) from the ground up using LESS and a dusting of jQuery. There are new features and content pages coming,…

  • Information about the technical solution I’ve implemented for the grid layout in my photo galleries here on the website.

  • Re-programming my online portfolio using the most up-to-date techniques possible.