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Fellow travellers

Few and far between on a grey and cloudy day. View the complete set of photos from our trip to the Piz Gloria restaurant on the Schilthorn today, high above the Lauterbrunnen Valley.

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Three Year Anniversary

Yesterday was the sixth anniversary of us getting together; today is our third wedding anniversary. We promised each other that we’ll take a special trip to celebrate every year and this year’s destination was the Piz Gloria mountain-top restaurant on the Schilthorn. We last visited in 2005 and decided that we’d go up again today […]

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No High Heels

Another step into the archives; this time from when Jo and I visited the Piz Gloria revolving restaurant atop the Schilthorn, high above Mürren. The mountain peak next to the viewing platform is open to the public in suitable weather conditions, forming both a starting point for a precipitous ski run in winter and a […]

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Schilthorn in the clouds

Small gallery of photos from a 2005 summer trip to the Piz Gloria revolving mountain-top restaurant above Mürren, made famous by the 1969 James Bond Film “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”.

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