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  • Back in May, Sardinian ”open source evangelist and programmer” Matteo Enna got in touch and interviewed me for his blog.

  • An interview with me which first appeared on the cubetech website in June.

  • Nadav Kander talks about his portraiture

    Photographer Nadav Kander talks about his portraiture in this 13 minute film.

  • I was recently interviewed for the website and asked for my thoughts on life as a foreigner in Switzerland. Here’s the transcript of the emailed interview.

  • I was contacted a while back by the editor of Czech photo blog Odcloněno, Michal Fanta: Michal asked to interview me and use some of my photos on the blog. The interview was published this morning; here’s the English transcript. Many thanks to Michal for the exposure and, as he’s mentioned; please do get in…