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Colour me impressed

OK, OK, I know: I’m a city boy at heart. But I defy anyone to be less than impressed when rounding a corner on a lonely road in the Scottish Highlands at dusk to be confronted with a hillside covered in red deer does and stags.

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Balchrick, Scotland

Although it doesn’t look much, this remote – really remote – hamlet was the turning point on our mammoth road trip last summer, from Switzerland to Scotland and back.

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Ledmore, Scotland

Read about this leg of our journey to the north western corner of Scotland on my website.

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Loch Awe, Scotland

Heading towards the north western coast of Scotland, the landscape quickly becomes devoid of anything except a single road and a single line of wooden telegraph poles leading between the solitary farms. However, there are occasional parking places – no doubt due to the number of tourists who travel through the area – and we […]

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Whisky Water, Cairngorm

I love the water in the Scottish highlands. It looks as though the whisky, which is made from this water, comes straight from the ground and into the glass. Eagle-eyed viewers will also notice my new logo embedded into this photo, which has been professionally designed for me and which forms a part of the […]

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