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Brora, Scotland

Brora beach

A winter visit to the large beach at Brora, in the far north of Scotland.

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G is for Golf

Before photography and the internet, golf was the major hobby in my life for many years, in all its forms.

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Interlaken Golf Course

I took a walk up through the woods from Heimwehfluh, near Interlaken. The top of the walk, after half an hour or so of wheezing and muscle aching, was high above the end of Lake Thun. Aside from enjoying the walk, having some exercise, and enjoying the view, I also discovered that the golf course […]

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Sion’s Castles, Wallis

The fortifications on top of the hill at Sion in canton Wallis are distinctive and easily recognizable. On the left, Chateau Valère (actually a small walled citadel, the core of which dates back to Roman times and which is named for the mother of a Roman city prefect) and on the right, Chateau Tourbillon, dating […]

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The Eighteenth Hole

Visiting the golf club at Carnoustie in Scotland brings back memories from the days when golf, not photography, was my driving passion.

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Alice and Chris

Jo and I travelled to Scotland over the weekend to attend the wedding of Jo’s friend Alice to her RAF sweetheart Chris.

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Frosty golf morning

Many, many, many years ago, I used to play golf and enter competitions with my father. One winter, we rose especially early and headed down to the coast at Bournemouth for a father and son tournament, at which I remember we both played shockingly badly.

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St. Andrews beach

Just alongside the world famous golf course, where the Dunhill Masters are currently being played with fans and press in attendance.

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