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Fountain Court, Hampton Court Palace, Middlesex

Sometimes, there’s more to a picture than meets the eye, and the natural surroundings need a little help. Whilst I do my best to eliminate fakery in my landscape and architectural photography, sometimes a little patience, lateral thinking and light use of Photoshop can work wonders. Read how on my website.

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Whisky Water, Cairngorm

I love the water in the Scottish highlands. It looks as though the whisky, which is made from this water, comes straight from the ground and into the glass. Eagle-eyed viewers will also notice my new logo embedded into this photo, which has been professionally designed for me and which forms a part of the […]

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Helios 5 in 1

A technical review and explanation of the Helios 5 in 1 reflector/diffuser combination, which I added to my collection of equipment this week.

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Lindt Rabbits, Brienz, Switzerland

Things have been exceedingly busy over the last few weeks, not least because I have been working on something important in my private time. (I could tell you what it is, but then I’d have to kill you.) Suffice it to say, there hasn’t been much time for regular photography and I was so tired […]

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A photo from a series taken on my first trip to see Jo in Scotland during 2004. We spent the afternoon chasing around local glens and countryside, chasing the sunset and finding good spots from which to take photographs of the vibrantly colourful late autumn landscape.

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