Geek stuff

Flickr’s Dirty Little Secret

Some of you may have noticed that photos posted to flickr don’t match quite with the original versions. Resized down automatically to create the default sized images, they are also sharpened and (questionably) have their saturation enhanced. There’s a blog entry going into more detail here. Speaking from experience with image production for web use,… (Read More)

The Old Is New Again

I finally finished sorting through the old photo section of my website earlier this week, and the new Galleries section is online again. It features travel photography, focusing particularly on daily life in Switzerland and Great Britain (no pun intended), and there are currently over 700 photos for you to enjoy from the past couple… (Read More)

Your Say

As you can see, I’m adjusting and honing the website a little. I found that, on some monitors, the white text on the dark background has been difficult to read, particularly over longer passages of writing. How does this look? What do you think? Please leave a comment with your opinions.

Contents may have shifted in flight

You will have noticed the new design; more observant visitors will recognize that I have changed over to the WordPress publishing system. New features and new pages will be coming online over the next couple of days and direct links to articles will have changed. Please let me know of any problems and don’t forget… (Read More)