Picfair: one license to rule them all

Picfair is a comparatively new online image agency, which allows photographers to upload as many of their photos as they like, set their own price, and directly reap the majority of the fee.

9th July 2014 | Read more »

New Street Parade gallery added

On this grey weekend, I’ve continued with extensions to the website by adding a new gallery page for photos from Zurich’s Street Parade.

9th March 2013 | Read more »

The Weather Project

Visiting Olafur Eliasson’s “The Weather Project” with family, at the Tate Modern gallery in London. The figures in the top of the picture are reflected in the mirror-like ceiling of the vast turbine hall.

30th September 2012 | Read more »

Fountain Court, Hampton Court Palace

Sometimes, there's more to a picture than meets the eye, and the natural surroundings need a little help. Whilst I do my best to eliminate fakery in my landscape and architectural photography, sometimes a little patience, lateral thinking and light use of Photoshop can work wonders.

21st March 2011 | Read more »

New galleries online for Brienz and Spiez

The extensions and improvements to the Permanent Tourist website continue apace, with new galleries in the Photography section.

29th January 2011 | Read more »

A winter weekend

In January of 2005 - five years ago this week - Jo visited me in Switzerland for the first time. These photos show our wonderful time together.

24th January 2010 | Read more »

Pollara Lighthouse

A small gallery of a ruined and abandoned lighthouse on the main road from Malfa, atop three hundred metre high cliffs on the north western corner of Salina amongst the Aeolian Islands.

10th October 2009 | Read more »

Krist and Corinne

The next in a series of portrait sessions which I've shot for free, this time at and near my home in Spiez of friends Krist and Corinne.

20th September 2009 | Read more »

In the Alps

A small collation of mountain images from the last few years of my home region within Switzerland: the Bernese Oberland.

14th July 2009 | Read more »

Thunersee (Lake Thun), Switzerland

Lake Thun (German: Thunersee) is an Alpine lake in the Bernese Oberland in Switzerland. It takes its name from the city of Thun, on its north western shore. The lake is fed by water from Lake Brienz to the south east, which lies 6 metres higher than Lake Thun, and…

14th April 2009 | Read more »

Scottish band Càirdeas

Through contact with event organiser “The Whisky Experience”, I arranged a photoshoot for Scottish folk music band Càirdeas at the Hotel Schweizerhof in Lucerne. The guys come over from Scotland on a regular basis to play gigs at places like the Pickwick chain of British pubs and at whisky tasting…

6th April 2009 | Read more »


My daily routine takes me through the public transport system between the Bernese Oberland and the capital city of Bern and I often visit Zürich for work reasons. I usually take my camera with me and take a chance from time to time to make quick snapshots of everyday life…

19th March 2009 | Read more »

Funky Kitchen Club

Funky Kitchen Club is a Swiss television series, produced in the Bernese Oberland of Switzerland by Mountain Multi Media in association with ProSieben Switzerland.

8th February 2009 | Read more »

National Portrait Gallery, London, England

There’s always something about visiting the NPG. I am always driven ferociously to take photos instead of appreciating everyone else’s.

11th January 2009 | Read more »

St. Andrew’s Dinner

Jo and I bumped into a couple on the train home from Milan a few weeks ago: a British guy working for the British Embassy in Bern, and his Russian fiancée. After talking about all sorts of stuff, including life as Brits abroad, we were invited to this year’s…

28th November 2008 | Read more »

Photo book “In Brienz”

A personal review of my years with my previous employer in Brienz, primarily for my own photo bookshelf.

25th November 2008 | Read more »

Portrait gallery updated

I had the chance to take portraits of my new team colleagues this week, for the new website we’re launching soon, so the portrait gallery here at Permanent Tourist has been updated.

6th September 2008 | Read more »

The Scruffy Professor

Going against the “no photography” rules in the National Portrait Gallery, I simply had to ask this man to pose for a portrait. As we walked down the stairs together, he told me that he had stopped off in London on his way home to America after a month-long tour…

13th February 2007 | Read more »

Paul Klee Museum, Berne

13th September 2006 | Read more »