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The nickname “fliCHr” is a play on the name of photo-sharing service Flickr and the abbreviation for Confederatio Helvetica. It was used as a tag and keyword between 2006 and around 2009 amongst the Swiss members of Flickr, who regularly met for social events at the peak of the service’s popularity.

  • FliCHristmas 2008

    As in previous years, if you’re a Flickr photographer in Switzerland, please add a tag to your photos of Christmassy subjects to wish all of our “Switzerland fan” friends abroad a Merry Christmas! This year’s tag is __flichristmas2008__ and the photos are here… or will be, when there are appropriate photos! Please only tag photos of […]

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  • We’re planning a day/afternoon of photography on the ETH Campus at Hönggerberg in Zürich, on Sunday 21st September. We’re planning on separating into a couple of groups, with one or more experienced strobist photographer/s with a group of people eager to learn. We’ll set up a couple of shots, explain the lighting setup and then […]

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  • So, yeah. Quiet here. I’m working like a demon and I can’t tell you about my main private project – still – for fear that the information will leak into the wrong hands and spoil. Nothing bad at all, rather exciting, in fact, as many people who are in the know will be able to […]

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  • Autumn Fair, Basel