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Photo by Fr. Peter. Click on "All Sizes" (above the photo) to download the 6-megapixel original version.

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Oh, the hair…

I’ve been a fan for years of the type of music which many would have called "indie music": jangly guitars, floppy hair, black jeans and meaningful lyrics. Varying from the rock, heavy metal and goth by dint of slightly cheerier lyrics and less agressive refrains, bands like The Wonderstuff, Pop Will Eat Itself, Inspiral Carpets […]

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A scanned photograph from a medium-format slide film. Two images taken onto the same piece of film, one of a friend leaning on a bollard in front of a shopping street, the other a red wall at the intersection of two roads in Oxford. Caused by my using a cheap plastic Russian camera, which didn’t […]

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