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This is from my cameraphone: higher resolution version with accurate colours here.

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We miss you Gran

When my family used to travel to Gloucestershire to see my grandmother, my sister and I used to pass the time as children by recognizing certain markers along the route. The brewery next to the motorway at Reading; Membury Services as a halfway marker, with it’s tall antenna and red lights, blinking in the night; […]

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Twin Towers

On first arriving in the bleak and industrial area alongside the Thames, east of London, the potential for landscape photography seemed small, but on seeing the massive bridge at night, I knew that it would be the centrepiece of any photographs. I shot this as a tungsten-lit image and fiddled with it in Photoshop, then […]

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The Scruffy Professor

Going against the “no photography” rules in the National Portrait Gallery, I simply had to ask this man to pose for a portrait. As we walked down the stairs together, he told me that he had stopped off in London on his way home to America after a month-long tour of India, where he had […]

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