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EasyJet Airline Company Limited, styled as easyJet, is a British low-cost carrier airline. I have been using easyJet for nearly twenty years.

  • Random things in October

    A trip to England, a lack of autumn feeling despite the vivid colours and learning how to set a fire.

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  • Unendearing travel

    Relying on others for our journey and a problematic experience stretching over two days is no way to begin a relaxing holiday.

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  • View from an easyJet plane window, 2009

    Geneva to Gatwick, 2009

    Four shots from the window of an easyJet flight from Switzerland to England in 2009.

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  • Takeoff from Edinburgh airport

    Takeoff from Edinburgh airport

    A five minute video shot out of the window of an easyJet flight leaving Edinburgh and banking west over the Firth of Forth in Scotland.

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  • Notes from a flight home

    Short observational notes taken on a flight between Edinburgh and Geneva.

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  • Driving home for Christmas

    If you’ve been following my Twitter stream today, you’ll probably know that while I should be almost in Scotland by now, I am, in fact, still on Swiss soil. After the third early start in a row, when we headed for Geneva to catch our flight to Edinburgh for a two week holiday with family, the plague of flight cancellations finally reached us and scuppered our plans.

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  • Advance Passenger Information (API)

    New legislation means that pretty much every air travel passenger must submit their personal travel documentation – passport information – before arriving at the airport.

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  • EasyJet advertising, close up

    Budget airline easyJet have taken a step this year to kill two birds with one stone. By replacing their cloth head rest covers with temporary versions, they can avoid the tatty appearance caused by head rests becoming old and worn, whilst allowing prominent advertising space targeted to every passenger. Read more at the Burson-Marsteller Crossmedia […]

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