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Depth of Winter

An older photo, from 2005. We arrived to visit family friends in Melchsee Frutt as the last of the afternoon light was fading and the temperatures were plummeting: -25°C and cold enough to turn the moisture in our hair to frost.

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1st Advent in the lanes of Bern

As in previous years, please add a tag to your photos of Christmassy subjects in Switzerland to wish all of our "Switzerland fan" friends abroad a Merry Christmas! This year’s tag is flichristmas2008 and the slideshow is here… or it will be, when there are appropriate photos! Please only tag photos of Christmas or the […]

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I’ve always loved scenes like this, where there are an infinite number of tiny details to see in every last corner of the picture. This 16 megapixel image is a crop of a 30 megapixel image, which sadly can’t be fully stitched due to gremlins which affected the camera when I was taking the view. […]

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