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Dalguise Viaduct

This grade A listed railway viaduct, just north of Dunkeld near the A9 main road between Perth and Inverness, was designed by Joseph Mitchell to carry the Inverness and Perth Junction Railway across the River Tay and opened on 9 September 1863 at a cost of £20,395; it remains in use. It is of lattice […]

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Dunkeld Cathedral

One of the short-listed places we considered for our wedding, before deciding on Rosslyn Chapel.

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Experiments in Strobism

This scene was completely dark when we were there; all illumination was achieved with flash guns and running around in the dark.

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Flickr Friends

Strobist info: flashes behind the tree stump and off-camera right. Optically triggered unit to illuminate tree stump.

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Waterfall at The Hermitage

Strobist info: thirty second exposure with two full power flashes on the main rock in the river and one on the rocks in the foreground. More info on the location here.

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