Farewell to the Four-Wheeled Tripod

Over 150,00km after buying it, we say goodbye to our “four-wheeled tripod”.

Video preview image for To Applecross via the Pass of the Cattle

To Applecross via the Pass of the Cattle

The winding and bumpy single-track mountain road leading to the hamlet of Applecross, on Scotland’s west coast, is quite a thrill.

Motor racing in the old city of Bern

I watched the trailer for the fifth version of driving simulation software Gran Turismo with great interest, when I saw that there are segments of the film containing computer-generated sections of the historic city of Bern.

Road Trip 2010 – Switzerland to Belgium

The first leg of this year’s summer holiday takes us from home in Switzerland through France, Luxembourg and Belgium.

Get Shorty

A gallery of images from my journey to the U.K. and back, to collect Jo in 2006 and bring her back to live with me in Switzerland.