Some website designs from my archive

Published 8th April 2016

Until I had to switch to doing mainly technical work on web projects, I used to do a lot of design work. I came across my old designs when clearing out my home office and thought you'd like to see a few of them.

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The new Lingo app (from The Noun Project) allows you to collate and manage your design assets in one place.

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Don’t do speculative work for web clients

Published 6th November 2015

Would you invest your time, experience and effort to do your job when there was a potential that your client or boss wouldn't pay you for it?

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Website visitors can and do scroll the page to find what they're looking for. That doesn't make this scrolling action a good user interface design solution.

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Containers and modules in web design

Published 29th June 2015

Using modules in front end web programming to allow more flexibility and more independence from site layouts for content elements.

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e-Book cover image sizes

Published 2nd January 2014

I created a simple cover image for an e-book at the end of last year, and found that the online references are few and far between when it comes to defining image sizes. The best one is by Smashwords – themselves an e-publisher – and cover not only examples but an explanation for the layman […]

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