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From Without

The latest in my One Frame Movie series was photographed in the hallway of the PROGR building in Bern, to which I gained access by asking permission of the administrative office of the creative organisation who now own the historic school building.

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Alien abduction

That was the idea, anyway. I’ve been inspired by Nick Turpin’s street shots, using high, undiffused strobes, and have been experimenting on and off with the technique. This is a shot from this evening in the woods near my home, which uses a single flashgun on a 3 metre stand out of shot to the […]

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Iseltwald, Switzerland

I know: I have a new camera, so I should be out using it. But sadly, I haven’t had time and my inspiration isn’t quite at 100% today. So instead, here’s a lovely black and white photograph which emulates an infra-red effect, converted from colour by following a Photoshop tutorial written by David "Chromasia" Nightingale. […]

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The Darkness

A perfect day for staying inside, wrapping ourselves in blankets and drinking lots of tea. Sadly, the planned Flickr meet-up was called on account of rain, so we’ll organize something over here at a later date.

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Twin Towers

On first arriving in the bleak and industrial area alongside the Thames, east of London, the potential for landscape photography seemed small, but on seeing the massive bridge at night, I knew that it would be the centrepiece of any photographs. I shot this as a tungsten-lit image and fiddled with it in Photoshop, then […]

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