Posts about dad

  • The memory moon

    When the full (-ish) moon rises above Interlaken at this time of year, it always reminds me of a photo my Dad took in south Wales many years ago, where the reflection wasn’t on a lake but on the smooth surface of the sea off the coast of Freshwater East.

  • A eulogy for my Dad

    As I get older, I realise more and more just how long a life actually is. How full of memories and moments one’s life is. It’s so difficult to pack in almost 79 years of a life into the few minutes I have here. It’s already been over four weeks since Dad died, yet it…

  • Camera Obscura

    The “camera obscura” was the precursor to the modern camera.

  • G is for Golf

    Before photography and the internet, golf was the major hobby in my life for many years, in all its forms.

  • From my first photographic steps to my love of travelling around the U.K. by car, my Dad is an inspiration and always has been. Happy birthday Dad!

  • Smogging

    One of my Gran’s endearing terms was “smogging” (which the rest of us know as “snogging”).

  • Deep in Discussion

    Richard and my father deep in discussion during my stag night in south London.

  • Family (low)

    Visiting Sarah in Bournemouth with Mum and Dad.