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Preserving EXIF data when resizing images in WordPress

I reported an issue to the WordPress Core team about eighteen months ago, noting that the function which creates thumbnails of larger images in the CMS strips the EXIF data from these smaller files. This means that not only is geo information lost, but so are keywords and copyright information set in the file using […]

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Freedom to take photos in public places under attack

The freedom to take photos in public places is under attack. Until now, in most countries in Europe you were safe to take and publish photographs that are taken from public ground: a law called “Freedom of Panorama”. When you’re on holiday, you can take a photo from the London Eye and share it with your friends on Facebook. […]

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Who pays for photos should receive photos

Barbara Hess has written an interesting blog post (original in German, linked version automatically translated by Google) on the subject of image usage rights; her approach, with which I agree, is to ensure that clients get the maximum use out of photos they receive, and understanding and considerate license terms. A part of this is an […]

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