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Einigen BE

With the Sunnighorn and the entrance to the Simmental valley.

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Lake Lugano

This image is now available to order as a print, poster or greetings card.

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Similar technique to the previous shot from this session, shooting directly into bright sunlight and allowing flare to create the soft effect. This shot was less contrasty as there was a curtain of leaves between Fanny and the sun.

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Fanny (Against The Light)

One of the shots from a photo session yesterday afternoon along the shores of Lac Léman. After shooting other pictures in the woods, we went to an area of open sunshine and I asked Fanny to stand with her back to the sun. I then took up position in the shadow she cast, with the […]

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Experiments in HDR

I’ve been meaning to spend a little time to sit down and really get to grips with the High Dynamic Range editing process. For the unititiated, the HDR is a photo which contains detail within a much wider range of tones than is possible through an individual shot, from deep shadows to bright highlights.

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Postauto (bus) station, Chur

Complete with clever reflecting diffusors in the roof to spread light across the space from low-mounted floodlights. Hello, I’m a lighting geek. Nice to meet you. The complete set of images from our trip to Graubünden this week is available in high resolution at Permanent Tourist.

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Sundown on the first day

The end of a long day behind the wheel of a car, as we headed from Switzerland to our first overnight stop in Reims, en route to Scotland for our wedding in 2007. I’m not sure where this is, exactly, but it’s an hour before Reims on the way from Metz.

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