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CHOO CHOO, Bern Strobist day

Strobist information: individual flash units on 1/2 power, zoomed to provide spotlight effects on the band members and held by fellow photographers out of shot. Ambient light underexposed 2 stops and heavy Photoshop work to clean up the scene. Although this scene did actually occur – several times – this is a mix of two […]

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Selve Areal, Thun, Switzerland

We were in Thun this past weekend, with a couple of friends from Zürich who’d come down for a day of “strobism” (the art of non-studio-based photography using portable flash units for illumination). As well as locations in Spiez and Gwatt, we sneaked into the dilapidated Selve area in Thun, where old factories, once converted […]

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The Final Shot, Winterthur, Switzerland

Thanks to Jo for the idea, Eke and Victor for the lighting, Bruno and Beat for the acting! "Making of" photo here. Also looks great on a darker background. Strobist info: two speedlights on full power fired by radio transmitter, one from off-camera top left, one off-camera bottom left.

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