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  • The winds from the south

    Southerly winds form cloud waterfalls in the high mountains of the Swiss Alps.

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  • Sahara dust in the air at Fanel

    Saharan dust in the air

    Almost every year, prevailing winds bring fine dust and sand from the Sahara desert to southern Europe.

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  • Niederhorn, Switzerland

    Heaven is this

    Sitting, cross-legged, a couple of arms’ length from the edge of a two-and-a-half-thousand foot drop to the valley floor, watching clouds drift across the lake into the distance.

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  • Birg to Schilthorn

    Birg to Schilthorn

    Time-lapse video of the cable-car ride from Birg to Schilthorn in Swiss canton Bern.

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  • Wyssebach Falls, Susten, Switzerland


    There’s a trend these days for people to use the word “stunning”: from tabloid newspapers to t.v. presenters. And their use of the word so often makes everyone else use it. A view of the sea: “stunning”. A fashionable dress: “stunning”. A film star looking average on a red carpet somewhere: “stunning”. I think that use of the […]

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  • Schilthorn in the clouds

    Small gallery of photos from a 2005 summer trip to the Piz Gloria revolving mountain-top restaurant above Mürren, made famous by the 1969 James Bond Film “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”.

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  • Storm Approaching

    This is a rapidly conceived and executed shot, as a big storm headed in from the Simmen valley from western Switzerland. I saw the distant clouds being illuminated by lightning (which accounts for the varied colouring in the clouds) so I grabbed a tripod and framed my shot from our living room window, setting exposure […]

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