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  • Christmas day in the snow at Ballenberg

    Christmas Day in Narnia

    Strolling in a winter wonderland on an unusual Christmas Day.

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  • Christmas lights in London

    Christmas lights in London

    Another compilation of time-lapse sequences in London by Mattia Bicchi, which (as usual) makes me miss the city and encourage me to try and fit in a weekend there.

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  • Solothurn, Switzerland

    Solothurn, Switzerland

    Historic towns in Switzerland make the Christmas period especially magical for the photographer. In particular during the “blue hour”, between sunset and darkness.

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  • Misunderstood


    Just because we have a device in our hands, don’t assume that we’re not taking part. Merry Christmas.

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  • Jesuit Church of Solothurn

    A winter visit to the baroque Jesuit church in Solothurn.

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  • Large Christmas tree, Spiez, Switzerland

    Out in the cold

    I pledge to take more winter landscape photos this year, after being out this evening to take some long-awaited photos of the Christmas lights in Spiez.

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  • Gaudy is Good

    I love gaudiness in the U.K. at Christmas and revel in the blinking, multi-coloured tastefulness of it all. Just so long as it’s someone else’s home, not my own.

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  • Review of My Year 2008

    2008 has been a great year for getting out and doing things. Jo and I are off to England and Wales later this week for our Christmas and New Year holiday, the fourth international trip this year, so I thought I’d post my end of year review ahead of schedule.

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  • The Present Christmas

    I remember the time when those planning on doing their Christmas shopping had no choice but to psych themselves up for a battle in the shopping centres of the world; mixing with other well-willed gift givers and spending as much time waiting in queues as actually selecting presents. Engaging in the madness of the weeks […]

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  • FliCHristmas 2008

    As in previous years, if you’re a Flickr photographer in Switzerland, please add a tag to your photos of Christmassy subjects to wish all of our “Switzerland fan” friends abroad a Merry Christmas! This year’s tag is __flichristmas2008__ and the photos are here… or will be, when there are appropriate photos! Please only tag photos of […]

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  • Santas

  • Christmas Cheer

  • The Burning Bushes

    More from this series – with Jo, Bruno, Nick and Ilona at Uetliberg and in Zürich over the weekend – in my photo stream.

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  • Last Christmas

    Wonderfully happy memories of flying to Scotland last Christmas, spending time with Jo’s parents and later waking up with my love for our first Christmas Day together, at my parents’ house in England. This shot – a wobbly long-exposure I took using a tripod kindly lent for the evening by Jo’s dad – was taken […]

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  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

    Heaven is a warm, cosy home, with sparkling candles, a Christmas tree dusted with (fake) snow, and my love wrapped in a soft blanket with me, watching a good film after eating one of her delicious meals.

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