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  • Bern band Choo Choo in 2010

    New Choo Choo portfolio page

    Long-time visitors to the site may vaguely remember that I used to collaborate photographically with Bern pop band Choo Choo.

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  • Lili from Bern band Choo Choo in 2011


    Once upon a time with the band of friends at the Reithalle in Bern.

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  • 7 videos in 7 days

    7 videos in 7 days

    For those who may have missed out: one of those meme things went around on Facebook and I posted a favourite video per day over 7 days. …and, last but not least: Christopher Walken and Fatboy Slim in an empty, glitzy, Kubrick-esque hotel. What else could you ever dream for in a music video?

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  • Yannick’s lightbox

    Wow. Two years. It’s taken me two whole years to get around to writing about the photos I took for Choo Choo in 2010-2011, which they used to accompany their superb self-produced video for the single We Go. The two photo shoots to produce these photos were a little unusual but I really enjoyed them, […]

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  • We Go

    We Go

    Friends Choo Choo release their next music video, conceived and filmed by their bass player Yan.

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  • All new Choo Choo

    When Bern band Choo Choo were looking for a photographer for some new shots in June of this year, I was happy to step in and work with an art director to shoot the raw images for their website and new promotional material.

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  • Snaps from the Choo Choo gig at Wasserwerk

    A few snapshots from last night’s Choo Choo gig at the Wasserwerk club in Bern.

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  • Choo Choo celebrate 15 years of Subversiv Records

    Bern band Choo Choo celebrate 15 years of their record company this weekend with a gig at the Wasserwerk Club, and they select one of my photos to appear in national Swiss commuter paper 20 Minuten.

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  • Content being shifted

    As is pretty common for me, I have once again decided to shift things around here at Permanent Tourist.

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  • Get your portrait taken for free!

    Regular visitors and fans of my photography will be delighted to hear that I have added another level of pricing to my price listings: free!

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  • Stay away from the “Delete” button

    By whittling down pictures while you are still shooting, or when you are trying to assess their merits on a tiny little screen, you always run the risk of deleting a shot which later turns out to be one you really like.

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  • CHOO CHOO, Bern Strobist day

    This is the kind of shot that I hope to achieve more by continuing to work with CHOO CHOO in future. They’re a great bunch, not just musically but also fun and motivated; being around them infuses everyone with energy, once they get going! No setup at all on this shot: just a grab as […]

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  • CHOO CHOO band portraits

    CHOO CHOO is a Bern, Switzerland based band which draws its influences from 60s teenage beat, pop, soul and contemporary garage rock.

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  • Choo Choo at Funk am See, Lucerne, Switzerland

    Swiss band Choo Choo call their music “60s garage pop”, drawing influences from 60s teenage beat, pop and soul as well as contemporary garage rock. I have photographed them in the Dälhölzli woods and back lanes of the old city of Switzerland’s capital, Bern, as well as at the Funk am See open air festival […]

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  • Choo Choo

    This is my favourite of the shots I took of Berner band Choo Choo this weekend. The complete set is now online at Flickr. You can also see photos by Nick and Beat at Flickr.)

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