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Sundown on the first day

The end of a long day behind the wheel of a car, as we headed from Switzerland to our first overnight stop in Reims, en route to Scotland for our wedding in 2007. I’m not sure where this is, exactly, but it’s an hour before Reims on the way from Metz.

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Big skies over France

Going through photos from our wedding and honeymoon trip last year, to compile a book from Blurb. So expect a few more ones you haven’t seen yet being added to this Flickr set.

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Wedding trip part 1: Switzerland to Reims

I love travelling back and forth between Britain and Switzerland. Although it’s a long way, the journey is made pretty easy by the fact that most of the long haul is through France, where undulating countryside and unfamiliar landscape provides a level of interest and flat, straight, empty motorways make a journey with cruise control […]

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