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From whence much of it comes

From my first photographic steps to my love of travelling around the U.K. by car, my Dad is an inspiration and always has been. Happy birthday Dad!

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Thanks to Mum for spotting the patterns on the lake, caused by a combination of the ship’s wake, a light diagonal crosswind, and a second ship (out of frame) passing from left to right.

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Oh, the View

There are two houses on the Bürgenstock which are raised above the Panoramaweg (panorama path) which afford massive views of the lake and city of Lucerne. Held up by four concrete pillars each, and leaning out over the sloping landscape like homes in the Hollywood Hills, the unobstructed views from the front windows would almost […]

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The Gnomes Of Zürich… near Lucerne

"Traders and financiers all over the world had listened to the Chancellor. He had said that if he could not stop wage claims the country was facing disaster. Rightly or wrongly, these people believed the Chancellor. On September 5th, when the T.U.C. unanimously rejected wage restraint, it was the end of an era, and all […]

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Tennis No More

Orange sanded, abandoned tennis courts in an exclusive sports club and residential area on the Bürgenstock near Lake Lucerne. They reminded me of playing tennis in western France during an exchange visit when I was fifteen, where the tennis courts were similarly covered in dusty pine cones. The Bürgenstock is a strange place, with a […]

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