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The Orphan Works Bill

You’ll notice that I’ve made two changes over the past couple of days regarding copyright marking and my privacy settings here at Flickr. Firstly, all images which I post from now on will contain a visual copyright notice and a copyright definition in the (hidden) IPTC annotations. Secondly, no-one can download any of my photos […]

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Selve Areal, Thun, Switzerland

Strobist info: Cactus-triggered snooted strobe from round the corner behind the mirror, aimed at Jo standing off-camera right. Ambient light c. 1s @ f8. See Eke’s use of the same location here. This image can be viewed larger in the Strobism gallery at Permanent Tourist.

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Youths experiment and find out what happens if you jump on a pumpkin. The results are left for all to see, at the entrance of the underpass at Spiez station.

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