Bloggen in einer fremden Sprache

Ich schreibe seit den späteren Neunzigern Blogposts und lerne seit 2001 Deutsch. Nach drei, vier Jahren hierzulande, am Anfang fast nur von Schweizern umgeben, hatte ich die neue Sprache einigermassen in Griff. Viele Stunden im Büro, viele Stunden vor Stefan Raab im deutschsprachigen Fernsehen, haben mich weiter gebracht. (Von Raab habe ich gelernt, dass es in der Tat eine… (Read More)

Blogging for myself

A blog is usually started as a place for the author to jot notes and share them with a select few to read; often friends and family. Later, as popularity grows, it’s easy to become drawn into the goal of getting more and more readers and gaining more and more “success”. This sometimes works and… (Read More)

Blogging in an imperfectly multilingual world

I was at WordCamp Switzerland 2014 last weekend; a WordPress conference aimed at both content creators and developers. One of the many interesting talks on the day was by Stephanie Booth on the subject of blogging in a multilingual world. The premise of many (even most) websites is that there should be a clear separation of content:… (Read More)

B is for Blog

(This is one in a series of essays I’m writing about my life. A specific kind of autobiography, I guess. The rest of these essays are here.) I used to work in the post room at the head office of a national dairy company in England. Due to the nature of the job and the general… (Read More)

Writing for Best Western

I am now writing articles and sharing my photos on the new Best of Switzerland blog, set up and run by international hotel chain Best Western.

Looking for French-speaking blogger and Strobist fan

Are you interested in and knowledgeable about Strobism? Do you write fluent French? Can you write well and are you interested in helping other photographers based in Switzerland to learn how to improve their technique and extend their knowledge? Can you spare a little free time each week to write for a new blog about… (Read More)

Newspaper publishing in today’s online world

I joined a newspaper company in 2001 to help maintain and develop a newspaper CMS system, which the development manager began creating on his own in 1994. In the past seven years, we’ve brought in web browser interfaces, RSS feeds, AJAX data handling, online publishing tools which allow the output to be sent direct to… (Read More)