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Satnav randomness

…led us cross-country in southern Germany, en route to Stuttgart. Not that this was a bad thing, as we managed to see lots of corn fields, flatness and little villages.

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Are you Charlie Baker?

I have translated this short story from an archived article in German newspaper Die Zeit from June 1976, which I came across via a link which Konstantin Binder posted to his Twitter account. The original title is “Oh! You’re German?” but I don’t feel that this direct translation matches the tone of the article. I find it touching and an insight into how I feel some Germans I have met and talked to see their relationship with the British.

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Light in the Forest

A great effect using just the natural, speckled daylight filtering through the trees during our recent trip to Germany. The technique of exposing for the sunlight in a shady area uses the technique I first wrote about in this blog post from 2009.

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Black Forest in a day

Photos from a day on the road, travelling a total of around 720 kilometres from our home in Switzerland to the Black Forest in southern Germany.

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Autumn, Black Forest, Germany

Pumpkins and squashes for sale at the side of the road in the Black Forest. View the complete set of photos from our trip on my website.

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My love, 6 years on

In October 2004, I made my first journey to Scotland and met Jo "in real life" (as they say) for the first time. We spent days travelling around the Angus countryside; one of my first photos of Jo was taken on a woodland walk at Glamis Castle when she was trying to avoid being photographed. […]

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