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  • Why using BEM for your CSS is a good idea

    Four years after writing that BEM syntax in CSS indicates weak coding principles, it’s time for a retraction.

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  • Avoiding specificity issues in CSS

    Holy moly. What a discussion we’ve gotten into over on Twitter about CSS specificity, BEM, and inheritance. I wrote yesterday that the idea is flawed and tries to work around problems which aren’t actually problems at all, but part of the language of CSS. As Duncan noted: the problem is actually, “people write bad CSS”. Dirk from […]

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  • Why using BEM for your CSS is a bad idea

    I came across the BEM (Block, Element, Modifier) technique for CSS coding today. On reading half a dozen basic introductions to the technique, I saw immediately that the concept is based on weak coding principles, not code simplicity and reusability.

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