The St. Ives light

Published 15th February 2017

The fishing village of St. Ives is no longer a village. Its character changed in the second  half of the nineteenth century, when fishing declined and the new railway brought the first artists. These days, the town is mobbed by tourists and most are forced to abandon their car or coach in a massive car park on top […]

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Smugglers’ Island

Published 13th August 2016

Burgh Island, off the coast of Devon, was re-christened by Agatha Christie in 1941 for her famous Hercule Poirot novel “Evil Under The Sun”.

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Brora beach

Published 9th January 2016

A winter visit to the large beach at Brora, in the far north of Scotland.

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A friend from Switzerland appreciated the area through my photos last year and asked for some tips of some "must-see" places to visit on a short summer trip. After emailing details at the time, it's taken me a while to get the tips into shape for a blog post… but here it is, at last!

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Fornillo Beach

Published 30th October 2014

One of a series of photos added to my Campania, Italy set on Flickr.

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Childhood holidays

Published 3rd August 2014

With hindsight, one of the things which drew me to the home where we now live is how many little details of it are similar to where I spent childhood holidays. Not the mountains, but the sweep of a shore line, the little houses dotted across the hillside, the wild grasses waving in the breeze, the winding lanes, the odd wooden telegraph pole carrying electricity to a house half-hidden.

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